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Why do I need to Sign Up?

Signing Up gives you access to the games and information in Career in Gear. It also allows you to work at your own pace by recording your activities. You can leave the site and when you return you can continue where you left off. Your information cannot be accessed by anyone unless you choose to share it..

Why does career development matter?

It has been proven that deliberate thinking about your future work helps you better manage your life roles, interests, and the resources you’ll need to get there. Understanding career development strengthens your self-awareness and helps you make effective career decisions. Effective career development also helps you with managing the risks and opportunities that are occurring in a rapidly changing world of work. .

What is on this site?

Career in Gear uses games to help you explore who you are. The videos will assist you in making good choices to manage your career. This site gives details on various occupations and NSCC programs, so you can choose those that fit your interests, skills and values.

Will this site tell me what program or work to do?

Only you can decide who you are and what to do with your life. This site gives you clues to understand yourself, and how to use this information in making a decision about finding work or training that suits you. You can also contact an NSCC Career Advisor (click on Contact button) for additional help.

Can I share Career in Gear with my family or friends?

Absolutely and we hope you do! You can share using social media such as Facebook or Twitter or just share careeringear.nscc.ca to share with ease.

Will this site help me find a job?

Career in Gear will assist you with making a decision about future work and training options. For information on finding a job check out www.careersnovascotia.ca

Will Career in Gear help me find resources to go to college or university?

Not exactly. It will help you be aware about what training exists. However, resources on financial assistance, housing, daycare, transportation, etc. may be found by going to www.careersnovascotia.ca or the specific post-secondary institutions you are interested in.

How long is this going to take?

Your time on Career in Gear will vary from other users. Career in Gear encourages you to come back multiple times as you win badges and explore occupations. When you leave the site, your work will be saved for you when you come back.

Where do I go for technical assistance?

You can report any problems prior to log in by going to Contact in the Career in Gear menu. After you are signed up, you can go to Contact or Report a Problem in My Toolkit

What if I forgot my password?

No problem, you can get you a new one. Click on LOG IN the select “*I forgot my password” and following the instructions to reset your password.

Who gets to see or use the information on this website?

Nobody will see your information unless you give permission for the Career Advisor to review your profile (Click Contact button). The other way for you share your information is to print the Report Card.

Can I talk to someone instead of using this website?

For sure! You can contact a Career Advisor (Click Contact button) and they will make arrangements for you see someone.

Is Careers Nova Scotia the only place to get Labour Market Information (LMI)?

There are lots of sources for LMI including Careers Nova Scotia www.careernovascotia.ca and Canada’s Job Bank http://www.jobbank.gc.ca . You can also type occupational titles in any browser to find the latest LMI or contact NSCC Career Advisors about other options.

By completing Career in Gear, does this give me a seat to an NSCC program?

No. Career in Gear will help you discover if an NSCC program aligns with your interests and skills. You can find information on how to apply to NSCC, Click Career in Gear Menu and then NSCC.

Is Career in Gear useful for parents?

For sure! Parents may encourage their children to play the games, explore work possibilities and then support them in making decisions. Or, parents can use Career in Gear for their own career management!

Why are university and private college programs not found on this site?

Career in Gear will help you select an NSCC program with the benefit of a more thorough assessment and intentional look at your interests and skills.


Career development is not always simple or straightforward. The information will highlight and provide additional details on career management and influences that affect career decision making.

What will I find in the RESOURCE section?

You will find links to additional career information that could contribute to you making the best career decision for you!

What does it mean, there are no NSCC programs? Why not?

NSCC does not offer all types of training. However, NSCC has agreements with universities across Canada that provide advanced standing to NSCC graduates who continue on to degree programs. These agreements are called "Articulation Agreements" and they provide students with an excellent pathway from college to university. Some NSCC programs provide a '2+2' option which means a two-year NSCC Diploma may be recognized for up to two years of a four-year university degree. NSCC Career Advisors are available to help you decide.

Why are occupations suggested by Career in Gear that I don’t even like?

Career in Gear makes suggestions based on the results of your Career Interest games. The Career Interest Themes are found in the occupations that were listed and it is quite normal to see occupations suggested based on these themes. However, you can change the Themes or use different combinations to explore a wider range of possibilities. You may also decide that your interests may be satisfied in other areas of your life. Review the Learning/Work/Leisure video to understand more.

How can I use this site as a career influencer (teacher, career development practitioner, counsellor, social worker, etc.)?

Career in Gear games and exploration activities can support you when assisting someone in developing a career plan. You may encourage them to complete different activities within the site and ask them print off specific results or ask them for a printed Report Card for you to review together.
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